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Random Old Icons

Geez, I forgot what a pain coding these things is. :p Oh well.

Since the sets I did for The Princess Bride and Serenity/Firefly seemed so popular (at least compared to the rest of my sets) that's what's coming up. If you want something else I'm happy to fill requests, but outside of that I'll probably (mostly) stick to making what people seem to want. This post is me cleaning out my completed-but-not-posted icon folder; some of these are REALLY old, and it's a scrambled bunch of actresses that no one makes icons of. Come to that, I'm not entirely sure why I did...

[7] Zhang Ziyi
[6] Gwyneth Paltrow
[5] Michelle Pfeiffer
[4] Winona Ryder
[3] Anna Paquin
[2] Jennifer Love Hewitt
[1] Nobody. I just felt there should be a one.


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BtVS//Buffy: I Make Porn!


Never thought I'd make one of these posts, 'cause for the most part I've been too much of a chicken to compete, but these were messing up the pretty pretty userinfo. Awards!

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Sin City//Miho: Dying for Some Practice

For abc_icons

Left it so that you could check multiple boxes; I figure there's no way I'll get a majority if people just vote for one. Don't vote for what you think I'd want to do; vote for what you think people (or you) would like to see. AND IF THERE'S SOMEONE YOU WANT TO SEE EITHER WAY, EVEN IF NOT FOR THE CHALLENGE, COMMENT IN THE REQUESTS POST HERE.

Poll #564950 Do You Know Your ABCs?

Who/What Should Abby Do For the abc_icons challenge?

Colin Farrell
Keira Knightley
Zhang Ziyi
Shannyn Sossamon
Sade Adu
The Emperor's New Groove
Million Dollar Baby
The Outer Senshi [Sailor Moon]
Noir [anime]

Any Other Suggestions?